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Los Angeles Toilet Repair

Los Angeles Toilet Repair

At Overland Plumbing, our team has a combined 25+ years of experience. We are able to quickly assess from among dozens problems that could be related to various refill valves (a.k.a. ballcocks & fill valves). These various valves come in many different shapes and sizes and are specifically regulated to refill the water in the tank, flush with enough pressure etc. It’s always a matter of figuring what needs replacing– the piston, washer, seals, diaphragm or whatever the manufacturer part is–and it can often be simple but depending the design it can often be quite complex.

Toilet Repair & Installation Services

  • Toilet Repairs
  • Valve Replacements
  • Toilet Replacement or Installation
  • Drain Cleaning

Regardless of what type of toilet you have or what the necessary repair, call the professional plumbers at Overland Plumbing. We are a Los Angeles plumbing company serving all of Los Angeles County and the San Fernando Valley. We specialize in all types of toilet repair and installation.

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