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Los Angeles Drain Cleaning

Overland Plumbing: Providing Los Angeles Drain Cleaning Services

When you need drain cleaning services in the Los Angeles area, try Overland Plumbing. We will work with you personally to assess the problem and keep the price within your budget. Isaac will handle all of your drain cleaning services and ensure the job is done properly every time.

Drain Cleaning Services

We use a variety of methods to clear your clogged drains. Drain cleaning can involve using a snake to clear your drains. Our electric  “snakes” use an electric motor to maneuver the snake through your drainage pipes.  Electric drainage cleaning devices twist a flexible spring through your pipe to help clean out the drain and are certainly best for cleaning longer sections. Another method is called “hydrojetting”, which involves using high pressured water and additional tools to clear the pipes and flush out any buildup. We also have handheld augers to clean drains.  The handheld augers have cables that are thin enough to pass through traditional sink or drain traps. Overland Plumbing can handle any type of indoor or outdoor drain cleaning. Our drain cleaning experience will help clean out any roots or other debris that may be stopping your drain line.

For very extensive obstructions, we use sewer jetters. The advantage of the sewer jetter is that the hydraulic pumps can remove tree roots or other plant and mud obstructions.

A Los Angeles Drain Cleaning Company

Licensed and insured (our CA License is #599993), Overland Plumbing delivers expert residential drain cleaning and plumbing services to customers in the Los Angeles area and the San Fernando Valley. Overland Plumbing is a family-owned and operated small business, servicing the Greater Los Angeles community for over 25 years.

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