OPEN 24/7 Emergency Service

Los Angeles 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing

 At Overland Plumbing in Los Angeles we can deliver 24 hour emergency plumbing services.

If you have a plumbing emergency in the Los Angeles area or in the San Fernando valley, do not hesitate to call us for an estimate and prompt service. We respond to all emergencies, no matter what time!

We are here to assist you around the clock. When you have a plumbing emergency, don’t worry about the time of day. We will be there to attend to any repair or drain clog.

If you find that you need to stop the flow of water quickly. Turn off the shutoff valve for every fixture and appliance, as well as the main shutoff valve for the house.

Emergency Plumbing Services

  • Repair Pipe Bursts or Leaks
  • Fix waste pipe leaks
  • Fix faulty toilet flushing mechanisms
  • Repair leaking internal stop taps
  • Ensure leaking tanks or cylinders are safe
  • Unblock sink drains, showers, baths and basins
  • Drain Cleaning Services (Indoor and Outdoor)

If you have an plumbing emergency in Los Angeles, call (866) 732-7229 speak to a member of our Overland Plumbing team 24/7  to schedule an appointment for your emergency repair or snaking services.